System technology for GIT

PME GIT systems offer its customers optimised gas injection technology

Based on the complex water injection technology, PME has taken on significant and helpful aspects for its GIT system technology.

For example, PME cube N2, as well as cuboid N2, has a clearly structured user interface including a control, by means of which the hydraulic unit is operated on a project-specific basis.

In addition, we place great importance on energy efficiency, process cost savings and environmental awareness in the field of gas injection technology as well. It is thus possible to regulate the pressure generation and gas supply in a process-adaptive manner using a BUS system and always to keep only the quantity of pressure in the system that is required by the processes that are currently running.

Our own nitrogen production with maximum purity & efficiency

Nitrogen purity up to 99.999 %! The PME N2 Generator produces this high-purity nitrogen from compressed air using a PSA filter system with an activated carbon filter. The purity level thus achieved is becoming increasingly important in the industry, including for laser cutting of V2A and V4A plates.

With the N2 Generator, you become independent of gas suppliers and you produce nitrogen only when it is really needed.