Injector technology

The suitable injector for each application.

A comprehensive portfolio of different injectors responds to each product-specific area of application.

The oil hydraulic function integrated into the injector needle allows pinpoint opening and closing of the injector needles. An integrated vacuum system and the sophisticated labyrinth seal, as well as the metallic needle seal with thermal decoupling of the injector tip, lead to complete sealing between the injector environment and the component.

All media connections required for the slide injector, such as water, oil and vacuum, are found on the rear-side slide plate, which is the basis for the slide injector.

Slide injectors are used in the case of a channel width with a diameter of at least 20 mm and with a channel end lying on the component. The needle diameter on the slide injectors varies from 8–20 mm with a 1 mm screening.

In the case of the cartridge injectors, the media connections are led outwards from the injector via the mould base. Both injector types are positioned in the mould parting line (easy servicing in assembly and disassembly). If the injectors are soiled, the sophisticated design (e.g. bore holes) allows for fast cleaning.

Of course, at PME, all injectors are subjected to a high-pressure long-term test with low-viscosity fluid. In this dynamic process, no leak may occur when the needle is closed. PME’s own sealing principle of the injector is thanks to the extremely long lifespan (metallic needle sealing with thermal injector needle head coupling) – maximum precision guaranteed for years!

Wherever standard PME injectors cannot be used, injectors designed by PME specific to the component will be used.